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The Flower Garden


Welcome to the Flower Garden at Stokesay Court, where Barney and Victoria Martin and our delightful team grow  extraordinary cut flowers intensively, on one acre of ground.  We stumbled into this almost by accident, after having frittered away our youth in offices and living in China and other far flung places. 


Now we are thoroughly rooted in our rural life, getting our living from the land, and taking huge pride in nuturing our plot in harmony with the natural world; a process which almost as a happy accident seems to result in some devastatingly beautiful flowers being produced behind the high brick walls.  These gorgeous blooms are picked, conditioned overnight in one of our old cool outbuildings, and then delivered chiefly to our enormously talented florist customers, mostly in London and the Cotswolds, who turn the raw materials into magical displays.


We also provide simple wedding flowers for couples who are getting married locally and who would like their floral decorations to reflect the natural beauty of this magical part of the countryside. 


Nestled within the high brick walls of our old Victorian walled garden, a great abundant oasis of flowers grows up each year, giving us buckets and buckets of fragrant floral beauty between the months of April and October.