Glorious Garden Flowers: June

We feel very lucky to be able to spend our time growing glorious garden  flowers, and we make a little more space each year to add new varieties that we have fallen in love with.  We especially like to grow flowers with wonderful scents: syrupy sweet peas, spicy pinks, warm-smelling sweet Williams, fresh springlike narcissi, sugary peonies and richly delicious roses perfume the air from late spring to early autumn.  We are always on the lookout for new and delectable varieties of our favourite standby blooms, so that we can offer our customers a palette of flowers that they just can't find elsewhere.

The season begins with a glorious display of tulips, fat juicy hyacinths, richly scented narcissi, delicate china-blue muscari and camassias, explosive alliums, and many other lovely spring bulbs in a kaleidoscopic dazzle of shapes and colours.

As summer comes the walled garden brims with old-fashioned cottage garden favourites such as towering foxgloves, frilly scabious and the fat button-like flowers of old fashioned roses; heady sweet peas, old-fashioned garden pinks and sweet rocket; bold and beautiful dahlias and snapdragons; and airy, elegant clouds of ammi visnaga, pink toadflax and love-in-a-mist.

By the late summer and early autumn we will be drunk on dahlias, perennials such as echinacea and sea holly, and starry Michaelmas daisies, along with bright zinnias and fresh beautiful chrysanthemums.

We supply flowers by regular weekly delivery to florists, as far afield as New Covent Garden Market and Notting Hill.  We are also happy to provide flowers by the bucket to local customers.  Our luscious, seasonal, real garden flowers are available each year between April and October.