Florence Fox

We have had a visit from Florence Fox, rock star photographer of quirky events, who will be making a short film of the goings on at the Flower Garden in the summer.  She took some great shots of our lazy picnicking Thursday lunchtime, some of which we show here.  To see more of her work, go to www.florencefox.com

The weather has turned (do I seem to be writing a lot about the weather?  I think we are gradually becoming obsessed by it) and the cooler conditions are allowing our annual transplants to green up - ammi majus, larkspur, ammi visnaga and bupleurum - but there is also noticeably more slug damage.  Help!  The kind people at The Apple Tree pub in Onibury have been saving all their beer slops for us, but I am wondering, will this be enough?  Every stone I turn over seems to have a slimy colony lurking underneath it.  I also spotted my first lily beetle this morning.  Such a pretty bright red.  But I am the defender of my flowers, and I have to protect them against mini-beasts.  Barney has been brewing garlic spray to deter the aphids which seem to be so attracted to the fresh young growth of the roses, and Alex and I have been spraying almost everything with a very weak solution of seaweed, to give the plants a boost and help them to fight off diseases and pests.  Next job: feed those especially hungry plants with comfrey tea, which is rich in potassium and will help them to make wonderful flowers and fruits.