a dainty end to May

It's the last week of May, and the garden is just starting to sparkle a little with dainty starry flowers yellow, white and purple.  The Erigeron karvinskianus which we introduced into likely nooks and crannies is beginning to take a foothold and grow in confidence, spreading itself tentatively about in new places: in the corners of steps, behind the door to the polytunnel, at the base of the old greenhouse wall, underneath the hollyhocks.  We planted some in amongst lots of roots of the old fashioned pink Mrs Sinkins,  behind a heavy cast iron water pipe, and as the pinks form fat buds and start to push out their zigzag-edged white petals, the pretty little erigeron fizzes away in a blanket underneath.  Alliums pop purply in the new peony beds.  Luscious yellow and white irises rise regally next to the camassias, as the pear blossom fades over their heads.  Columbine is everywhere and I go about ruthlessly pulling up the ones I don't like.  The white kinds don't seem to want to linger, but there is one enormous blue variety, name unknown, which has winged flowers like a butterfly and which is utterly beautiful in its bed next to the wiggly willow.  The willow looks oriental, fresh and old at the same time.  Near to it we've planted a very finely cut black-leaved elder, from whose flowers we are hoping to make pink elderflower champagne to drink at our summer parties... We noticed today that the soft fruit bushes are dripping with young fruits, so perhaps there will be summer puddings too.