roses and more roses

The flower garden is going at full pelt now, with annuals surging up through their sheep netting supports, roses flopping fatly everywhere with the weight of their petals, yarrow glowing in the mixed borders and sea holly turning slowly blue.  Alex's regular applications of seaweed spray seem to be doing the trick, as the garden is brimming with health and vigour.  Only the slugs are spoiling our party, gorging themselves nightly on our poor dahlias...  We have had another visit from Florence Fox (, who took these lovely pictures and masses more, in preparation for her short video of life at the Flower Garden, which will be coming to the website soon.  Florence takes natural and joyous people pictures, and is a delight to be around and to work with.  She specialises in family photo shoots, wedding packages,  business videos, and magical personalised, hand-bound keepsake books.  

In other news, we are currently working on our scheme of flowery courses, to be offered at the garden from mid July into the early autumn.  Come and join us for friendly and low key afternoon sessions in the beautiful, peaceful garden, where you will learn how to make elegant, simple arrangements of garden flowers, while eating lots of delicious cake...what's not to like?  Keep an eye on the website for the course titles, dates and prices.  Any suggestions will be very welcome.