eating cake

Clouds of white ammi and the colourful spires of snapdragons greet visitors as they walk into the garden now, as it seems that everything has decided just to give up on the sun and behave as though it is high summer anyway.  After this morning's rain clouds had rolled away, we brought out Barney's great-grandmother's pretty floral tea set to serve our very first Vintage Tea Party - hooray!  Julia's lemon drizzle and gingerbread went down a storm, and the chocolate brownies were very...chocolatey...  We love this kind of thing so much that we are planning more tea-related ways to have fun throughout the rest of the summer.  Can we tempt you with a 'kawaii' and kitsch Japanese tea, a very proper German kaffee und kuchen with German garden journals to browse, an exquisite Chinese tea ceremony with the soothing sounds of the guzheng, or Chinese harp (played live by Barney - he has so many hidden talents!), or even an afternoon of Turkish-cum-Greek coffee and Turkish delight with dice or dominoes or some other suitable activity?  

On Saturday we will be teaching a course in Easy Garden Floristry, specially designed for those who are nervous of combining vase and flowers.  We aim to share our delight in bringing lovely garden flowers into the house, and to show you all just how very clever you are, and what beautiful arrangements you can make once you begin.  Lots more cake will be at the ready, too.