lazy bulb experiment

All the lovely tulips which I chose last summer - after carefully working my way through several bulb catalougues, marking the loveliest and gradually reducing and whittling down the list to make it manageable - are starting to flower now.  We were so tired in the autumn that Barney and his friend Nicholas dug five big trenches and then just layered the different kinds of bulbs in on top of each other: tulips first, very deep, then hyacinths and lilies, and lastly smaller bulbs like fritillaries, Dutch irises and mini gladioli.  It is wonderfully exciting to see that the scheme has been a success!  The beds are a litle congested, but as we pick the first crops (fat hyacinths then tall tulips), light and space are made available to the next flowers coming through.  Buttercups are also doing very well, all over the garden it seems.  Where to weed first?!