new celadon vases

This week we've been practising making arrangements in our beautiful new celadon glazed vases, with lovely round soothing shapes and soft shades of celadon glaze which really enhance everything we put into them.  The standard party flower vessels of the moment seem still to be jam jars and the slightly larger Mason jars, but we would love to encourage our customers to use these beauties instead, as they are so much more elegant, and really do the flowers justice.  The bigger jars - comparable with the Mason jars, so perfect for the centres of tables with loosely spilling flowers arranged inside - are made by Isatu Hyde, a very gifted young potter who was until recently apprenticed at The Marches Pottery in Ludlow, and who has now moved to London, where she takes commissions for her elegant pots.   The smaller size, not much larger than a bud vase, could be a sweet alternative to the ubiquitous jam jar, and is made by the master himself, Andrew Crouch of The Marches Pottery.  The crackling on the surface of the glaze gives the pot a feeling of life and enhances every colour we have tried so far.  They've been fabulous with tulips gently arching out of their elegant necks, but now that our tulips are nearly all over - unbelievably early, we will be turning to camassias, tellima, sweet rocket and soon, oh joy, peonies, my absolute favourite.