wild meadow wedding

Although we are often asked to provide "wild flowers" for a wedding, once we get down to the details of how a couple would like their wedding flowers to look, we realise that what they really mean is "garden flowers", as opposed to stiff, formal high street ones.  The wedding we provided flowers for at the weekend, however, was a real wild flower event; the first we have ever done.  The couple getting married were Alice and Tim, a pair of super outdoorsy people who are so in love with nature and being active in the open air that they began their wedding day with a fell run in the welsh hills above the campsite where they were marrying.  This convinced us that they really meant "wild"!  At the Flower Garden we picked soft flowers and foliage in shades of green, white and yellow.  In our own cottage garden we got up early before the pigs were out and cut branches of hawthorn, guelder rose and field maple.  Then we went out into the lane and picked buckets and buckets of lovely foamy cow parsley.  The flowers exactly suited the venue, an old stone barn beautifully converted with big high windows and a friendly atmosphere.  The wholesome runners milled around in their lycra, red-faced and panting, while we filled milk churns and tied posies onto the backs of chairs, but by the time we left they were transformed into neat and smart wedding guests, all eyes on the lovely dainty bride, pefectly poised amidst a sea of frothy white flowers.