romance erupts

This week has seen an eruption of romance at the flower garden, as all our favourite early summer flowers begin to bloom.  Pillowy peonies, old fashioned many-petalled roses, starry alliums and camassias, dainty dancing columbines, sumptuous sweet peas, lovely lupins, foamy lady's mantle and heady honeysuckle... It all combines to make a head-spinningly lovely place to work.  We have been busy picking the flowers for weddings and other orders, and were very pleased to host our first private tea party of the summer, for the lovely Geraldine and her big fun family, who dined delicately on little sandwiches, macarons and big plumptious cakes, eating off Bareny's granny's vintage flower-patterned china, and enjoyed swanning around the garden playing games and making merry, while Barney amused them with tunes on his gramophone.  Happy days!