wild and wonderful

We felt priviledged to be providing the flowers for two special weddings at the weekend.  The brief for Beth and Andy was to incorporate as much that was native and wild as possible, to reflect their love for and knowledge of native British flora.  We used shepherd's purse, camomile, purple toadflax and fumitory in their bouquets, which were so pretty and airy, and weighed almost nothing... apart from Beth's own bouquet, which combined these little dainties with big fat glorious Coral Charm peonies and A Shropshire Lad roses.  For Phoebe and Henry, we misunderstood to begin with the exact colour they wanted - a peachy apricoty blend - but we managed to get the flowers they wanted to them in the end, and the day was saved by two huge bucketfuls of our Sutton's Apricot foxgloves.  They also had roses, foxtail lilies, and lots of green and white with a sprinkle of near-black rose Munstead Wood and 'Sooty' sweet William.  More peonies, roses and sweet peas made it all smell delicious.  Phoebe's bouquet was dripping with big round-headed flowers, tumbling scented pelargonium leaves, silken oranges and sultry deep reds.