hot sun wild flowers

During these last few days of wonderful heat, we have been rushing busily about, trying to keep on top of everything.  After putting together the various elements of Lizzy and Mark's wonderful laid back, wild-feeling wedding at Vale Crucis Abbey on Saturday - including two floral trees, a long jasmine garland, a huge and spilling bouquet and very many jam jars - we cooled down at home eating ice lollies before heading back to the garden in the dusk to pick for our first London delivery.  After three hours of picking, it was getting too dark to see my hand... so Barney finished off at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning, before driving all the way to the New Covent Garden Flower Market in the big van (full of glorious garden flowers!) to get the flowers to the florist who has used them this week in a smart Mayfair Club.  We love to think of our carefully nutured flowers breathing the pure air of London (it makes me think of the poem about '"You've not been ruined", she said...') and being enjoyed by discerning creative types.  This morning at the garden everything has burst into incredible bloom and our approach of "a flower in bloom is a flower wasted" goes out the window; it just looks so glorious.