a burst of peach and a sprinkle of white

The abundant flowers in the garden this week are flowering in shades of purple, pink, soft yellow, green, white and blue, but the colour I notice the most as I move around the garden is peach.  Today I've picked peach yarrow, peach sweet peas, peach roses and - New Favourite - peachy tuks cap lilies, Pink Tiger.  Oh but they are lovely, exotic and romantic, soft peachy pink curving petals peel open one by one from a long smooth waxy bud, each petal speckled and splattered with maroon freckles.  The stems are still short as this is the bulbs' first year, so I have been decadently picking off the flowers on very short stems (leaving lots of leaves for the bulbs to strengthen themselves with for future years), and decorating the bothy with them for us to enjoy when we are having our tea breaks.

 So many weeds have come, and we have been trying to hoe as many of them as possible while the ground is still dry.  Conversely, we would love some rain!  We don't water things in the ground once they've been given their initial watering in after planting, and everything is starting to look a little parched now.  After rain we will also be able to get on with feeding all the hungry eaters with home made comfrey tea; that's dahlias, sweet peas, roses, ammi, sunflowers and snapdragons.  

Last week we hosted two small events at the garden: a private tea party and a group flower demonstration.  It was lovely to welcome such delightful and appreciative people to share the flower garden with us, and such fun to make up one of our weekly delivery bouquets in the big bell tent with a dozen nice ladies to chatter with for company - even better than Radio 4!