garden visit and lots of flowers

We've hosted several visits to the flower garden over the last few weeks, and Barney particularly enjoyed welcoming a large group of flower-loving ladies to explore the high season garden earlier last week.  The ladies had just been on a guided tour of the Big House and were full of wonder at what they'd seen and learned, so perhaps stepping in through the gate of the walled garden and into a 'secret' flowery world was just the right contrast.  Finally our rose bushes are reaching maturity, after having been in the ground for three to four years now, and the rose garden is really starting to look like one.   Other exciting areas include the great long double row of sweet peas which runs up the centre of the garden, wafting its scent decadently about, and the ever-packed annual flower garden, where annuals and biennials are grown in rows, like soliders on parade.  It is currently bursting with larkspur, just about to go over.  The next stars will be dusky cosmos 'rubenza', 'velouette' and 'antiquity', and an assortment of lovely pincushion-flowered annual scabious, which will go on producing their pretty flowers, in shades of apricot, scarlet, claret and mauve, until the first frosts.