big on romance

It was a real pleasure this week to pick and arrange flowers for Sarah and Harry's wonderful laid back garden wedding.  We provided a combination of DIY buckets, some large arrangements, and bouquets and buttonholes, all in a soft muted palette of pink, apricot, white and maroon.  What I enjoyed most of all - apart from their visits to the garden to collect buckets and return hire items - was being asked by Sarah to make a really big, lavish, spilling bridal bouquet.  Heaven!  It is my utter favourite thing to make big bouquets.  I really have to reign myself in when doing little ones, as I always want to add in more flowers...  it would look so much better with just a few more spires here or a sprinkle of lemon there...  I also like knowing that the bouquet is going to end up big because it means that I can use the whole length of the stems, giving the bouquet much more movement and life.  I really loved Sarah's bouquet, with flourishes of foliage to complement the flowers (fern mint scented leaf pelargonium; sage-green penny-flat baptisia; fuzzy felt spires of striped and scented pineapple mint; trailing gothic twists of purple-black clematis) and lots of interesting texture (fluffy near-black button-like apricot scabious; tissue paper cupped petalled roses, feathery ammi and biscuit crumb wild carrot; origami-looking hydrangeas; arching peachy toadflax and pretty mottled alstromeria).  In the wedding pictures that Sarah showed us today, the mass of flowers and foliage seemed to float before her like some kind of wonderful aquatic entity, airy and elegant against her lovely smooth silk dress.

Barney was delivering flowers to London again on Sunday so he missed most of the fun of the very exciting annual Ludlow Dog Day.  The promised rain kept away and crowds of happy dogs dragged their owners past our garden gate to get at the doggy displays and shops, which were spread across the lawn in front of the big house.  Barney's father, Ben, arranged himself enticingly at the entrance to the garden with a Sunday paper, drawing in the visitors with the promise of more papers in the bell tent within.  This seemed to be quite a hit by the end of the day, as show-jaded dog owners sought a tranquil refuge from the noisy fun of the fair.  The sunshine continues today. It feels like the height of a perfect summer.