tent parties

These two weeks we are enjoying having a bit of a lull, with no weddings and no big weekly delivery of flowers to London; we are gathering our energies for the big weeks ahead.  We still deliver a large weekly order to Hereford, small local bouquets and posies, and we have been selling our flowers by the bucket to other local florists and flower-loving individuals.  However, this relatively quiet period has been the ideal time for us to host two treat natural beauty parties for the wonderful skincare and natural medicines company, Weleda.  Oh joy, it has been the highlight of my summer to sit back in the big bell tent last week, warm sunshine and fragrant flowers blowing about without, and kind and merry friends within, sniffing and slathering on our skin the luscious lotions and potions there for us to try.  We are going to host the second party tomorrow, and I have been baking little chocolate cakes for it.  Now to think of more excuses to call parties with friends 'work'!