two weddings and an open day

It has been a busy week in the garden, with providing flowers for two weddings, opening the garden to the public for the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) for the first time, and keeping on top of all our usual orders.  The two weddings were held at the romantic venues of Garthmyl Hall and nearby Walcot Hall, and the flowers were equally romantic to suit: we used lots of soft peachy creamy colours, delicate tendrilly jasmine and soft pillowy hydrangea paniculata 'limeight', as well as as much as we could pick of the perennially popular soft pink cactus-like dahlia, Cafe au Lait.  Not having opened under the NGS before we really did not know what to expect, and were fairly overwhelmed to be submerged by a tide of nearly 300 enthisiastic garden visitors, three of whom had travelled all the way from Liverpool just to visit our garden, which made us feel rather shy.  We gave the bothy a good sweep and equipped it as a tea room, where the visitors came to collect trays of tea and cake, which they could carry into the canvas bell tent to sit and read the Saturday papers.  Certain plants and methods of gardening provoked the same questions again and again; what was the name of Hydrangea paniculata 'limelight', and how did we come up with that ingenious method of supporting our plants with sheep wire/pig netting?