a highly romantic bouquet

How can it still be August?  Tree fruits are ripe and plumply falling to the ground as the leaves yellow and soften, and the whole garden seems to be withdrawing into itself a little.  In my imagination, August is a month of big straw hats and lovely languid picnics...  Now all the harvest is gathered in and from the window I can see enormous bales of straw studding the rolling golden hills opposite.  It was surprising then, when surrounded by all this autumnalness, when I was able to assemble an elegant bridal posy of  - I hope - subtleness and delicacy, "with a hint of Oscar Wilde", for a very discerning bride who was married on Sunday.  At this time of year I have noticed that the flowers which have flowered true to type all summer long now begin to take on subtly differing forms and shades of petal, especially some of the roses and dahlias.  If we neglect to feed, and often even then, the flowers will be smaller and weaker by this time of year, but for Elizabeth's wedding bouquet I managed to find some lovely primrose-tinted Claire Austin roses, some blush pink Sybil dahlias (a mystery variety which produces mainly red and white bi-colour flowers, but which often seems to have new ideas to try out), a few stems of a pink-flushed Vanilla Fraise hydrangea, and a delicate mixture of other flowers and foliage which I hoped would strike the right balance between gentle femininity and alluring theatricalism.