flower crowns

All the flowers in shades of cream, white, soft pink, pale peach and deep maroon have been very heavily picked in the garden this summer, and the last week has been no exception.  For Jenny and Christian we mixed strong dahlias such as 'tartan' and the perennial favourite 'cafe au lait' with little dainty springs of Michaelmas daisy, annual scabious, mace, bupleurum and late-flowering lady's mantle (thanks to Molly for this, who cut the lady's mantle back at the right time for it to produce more flowers).  The effect was romatic but interesting, with lots of contrasting textures and shapes.  Jenny remembered her grandmother growing senecio cinerara, so we included this silvery, furry, finely divided leaf in many of the arrangements, including Jenny's bouquet.  For the couple's two little daughters we made tiny flower crowns like daisy chains, with feathery little flowers of erigeron karvinskiaanus, in shades of pink and white, taped to a wire base to look like daisy chains.  Jenny's own flower crown was a more grown up and complex affair, and tied at the back with fine velvet ribbons of faded pink.  

For our local deliveries this week we have been working with the hot coloured flowers in the garden, which include dahlias, snapdragons, and absolutely masses of a vivid pink cosmos, which said on the seed packet "red", but which has turned out to be a really glorious and prolific shade of fuchsia.  It is also very enormous, and in some places we have to reach above our heads to pick it; not the 60cm promised by the seed merchants.  I wonder if the seeds were misslabelled?  In any case, we are very happy with this generous and beautiful plant.  We must remember to save some of its seeds for next year, in case the next packet of "red" cosmos delivers what it promises.