lots of dirty gloves

These lovely sunny autumn days mean that we've been able to get lots of garden jobs done that we wouldn't have even considered this time last year, and thanks to our great team of gardeners we are pretty pleased right now when we look around the garden.  I made myself dizzy this afternoon planting little tiny fritillary bulbs with a long handled planter under amelanchier trees, how lovely to think of them flowering in the spring and naturalising there in the long grass.  I've also been mixing up potions with which to disguise the newness of some tall terracotta pots: lime wash, marigold tea (not very effective unless I really rub in the petals), and nice silky mud pie.  The rest of the team have been picking flowers, weeding, planting out bulbs and biennials, dividing perennials, sowing seeds, taking down the sweet peas, building up the compost piles... and I have brought home a big box of gardening gloves to be washed.