country wedding flowers

It was a labour of love to spend  hours last week sitting in the sun on the old greenhouse steps, mixing together pots of lime and marigolds and mud to smear onto sixteen tall terracotta pots, in an attempt to give them an aged appearance, but it was all worthwhile when we set up the sparkling chrome candelabras on top of them, filled with soft rustic flowers, foliage and feathers.   This big country wedding took place in Bromfield church, with its magical painted ceiling and surviving parts of the mediaeval monastery built into the thick-walled church.  We piled buckets and buckets of flowers into the church, mostly tucked into draped hops vine, and the massive building just swallowed them up.   We had been saving some of my favourite late season flowers for this event, including allouise chyrsanthemums and labyrinth dahlias - like long-spiked pink-and-orange sea urchins - and we all loved decadently putting them togther into rusticly elegant arrangements, for our rusticly elegant bride.