big deliveries

The backbone of our business has become flower deliveries, in water, to other discerning florists.  This suits us perfectly because not only do we now spend proportionally more time in the garden, which we love, but we also like to think of our carefully grown and much cherished flowers going out into the world to give delight in many different settings. The florist we supply every week in Hereford uses most of our flowers for wedding work, which is lovely, but we are also excited to think of the flowers which we take down to London each week as the skillful florists manipulate them into the huge vases of two enormously smart Mayfair clubs.  Some of our flowers go to a hip local florist in Birmingham, others to Shrewsbury, or to the Cotswolds, and this week - the white flowers in these pictures - for a wedding decorated by the floral alchemist Shane Connolly.  Each time a flower is picked for delivery, we feel a sense of completion as it goes off to fulfil its potential somewhere, enjoyed by somebody we know not whom but achieving the purpose for which it was grown: to create an emotional connection.