bulb catalogues

After a wet dash around the garden to pick flowers on Friday morning, it was the perfect day for putting on the kettle and the radio, and settling down with some bulb catalogues.  The weather became so heavy that I had to heave the bothy door shut,  closing myself and the dog up in the semi-dark, but stopping the sheets of rain from blowing right in to where we usually sit.  The dog at first pined for a bit, then settled down by my little heater.  

During drier snatches, I worked in area where the old greenhouses used to be, making space for a big delivery of new young plants which we are going to add to the garden over the next few weeks.  The red and black Victorian tiles become very slippery in the rain, but they are so pretty and we love the link with the past.  Now we have only a small polytunnel on one third of the footprint of the old greenehouses, which is a great place for bringing on seedlings, and a perfect oasis at this time of year for flourishing scented leaved pelargonium plants as well as cucumbers and other tasty additions to a bothy lunch.