soft late summer wedding flowers

Rosie and Geoff are certainly the most laid back couple for whom we've provided wedding flowers.  As I decorated their house - a beautiful converted church - the day before their wedding last week, they were mostly concerned with their three black labradors, two of which are adorable frolicking little puppies.   One of the tall church windows has the stone head of an unknown "queen"; it was the lovelist commission to surrond this stone queen with lush flowers and foliages while Rosie chatted away to me about their interesting life.

In the garden, we finally have enough time to start in earnest on the autumn work, and have been busily clearing weeds and spent annuals to make room for all the new perennials which now need to go in. Many plants are still in flower and look lovely, especially the scabious, tiny white herbaceous erigeron and magificent dahlias.