The busy season

Mid June is when the garden is at its most heaving with flowers, and also when the team is busiest.  At the moment we are deep in simple country weddings (just the kind we like best) and we are also kept extremely busy with picking and delivering flowers to all our lovely florist customers.  Happy to oblige, this week we've been supplementing the roses, foxgloves, sweet peas, love-in-a-mist, honeysuckle, euphorbia, foxtail lilies, peonies, astrantia and other garden delights with foraged hogweed (from the wilder parts of our cottage garden) for one particular customer who just loves it for the huge vases she fills every week in a Mayfair club.  

It was also lovely to make time to play with flowers with my mother - magpie-like, we gathered all the bright pretty things that appealled to us, and worked them into bold and brilliant bouquets - a contrast to the muted creams, peaches and soft pinks that we've been collecting for everybody else.