The garden filled with flowers

Yesterday we opened the garden to visitors as part of the Ludlow Dog Day, when thousands of happy doggy people traipse past our walled garden to get to the canine fun to be had on the sweeping lawns of the big house.  We charged a small entrance fee and enticed the people in with a fragrant display of sweet peas for sale in jugs.  Quite a few people came in to look around, and it was almost for the first time that we found ourselves looking at the garden through their eyes; instead of seeing all the jobs that need so badly to be done - all the weeds needing to be taken out, all the plants gasping for a night of heavy rain, all the clearing of spent annuals that still remains to be done - we saw what they all told us they saw: a garden awash with a great sea of flowers.  Turrets of weld, larkspur and veronicastrum; rainbow plateaux of yarrow; plumtious pillowy roses; dancing scabious; under-the-sea-looking geum; sweet shop snapdragons; stiff and formal sea holly; and everything merging too into one mixed-up paintbox of lovely soft colour, wafting with scent and humming with happy insects.