Fabulous Florists' Day

It wasn't actually this week, but this is the first opportunity I've had to sit down and write about it:  two weeks ago we joined in a big push by Flowers From the Farm, a kind of professional body for flower growers and florists who use British flowers, to open up the growing spaces and attract more people to visit and connect with what we are all doing.  In our case, we decided that as the group we especially want to reach are the shop and event florists who are not yet confidently using British garden flowers in their work, it would make sense to host a special day aimed at florists.  We wanted the florists to see what a wide range of stunning flowers we are growing, and the magical and healthyful environment in which they are grown, and to have an opportunity of working with the flowers and taking some away with them to see just how well they last and how incomparably ravishing they are.

In the event we had a mixture of visitors, from gardeners to newly established florists, and other flower growers to some of our favourite established customers.  It was such a happy day.  I think I made too much cake.  After a good hour of everyone all milling about in the tent clutching china teacups and getting acquainted, then wondering off across the blissfully breezy, sunny garden, they all began to trickle down to the workshops, where many buckets of ready-picked flowers awaited them.  By the time that Barney and I noticed that suddenly we were the only ones in the garden and wentdown to investigate, there was a full blown floral party in progress, with delighted shrieks and ladies bustling about from one workshop to another, sharing flowers stems and bouquet-making tips, and all beaming with pleasure.  

We loved it so much that we are thinking of trying to squeeze in another event like this before the season finishes for the year.  Maybe I will just go easier on the cake the next time.