White autumnal flowers

Usually at this time of year we think of warm oranges and reds, and look for rich autumnal colour in the garden.  This year, not only do most of our flowers seem to be white - lots of white dahlias, asters, cosmos and chrysanthemums - but the woods and hedges are still looking very green, even the little elder trees, which usually have beautiful yellow and red tints by this time.  Hedgerows are scattered with the glowing hips of wild roses, though, and the holly berries are ripening in fat clusters amongst the glossy spiky leaves.  The roses are having a last hurrah of soft, pretty blooms.  Very excitingly, I have just ordered lots more bare root rose plants, maybe just one or two more than we had planned homes for...  Now I will have to work out what other plants we can sacrifice to make space for my new treasures!