Country House Photoshoot

It was a real treat to provide the flowers for an early autumn photoshoot for The English Home magazine, staged at an elegant late Victorian country house in South Shropshire.

Interior designer Henri Fitzwilliam Lay moved to Ferney Hall with her husband and children four years ago, when the house was in so uninhabitable a state that there was a large tree growing up through the central staircase.  Now the house is exquisitely decorated with an air of fresh, elegant bohemianism.  We chose flowers and colours to enhance the beauty of the decorative schemes, rather than draw attention away from them.  In a 1930s oriental themed bedroom we used great fans of dahlia 'cafe au lait' with plumes of hydrangea paniculata 'limelight', arranged with leaves of scented pelargonium in a dusky pink glass Fulham-style vase.  In the big black-and-white kitchen we arranged tall branches of golden autumn leaves and pink-and-orange spindle berries to catch the autumn light and bring warmth and light to the room.