It's been a great pleasure for us over the last few years to establish working relationships with some very special florist customers, and to share with them our mutual delight in glorious garden flowers.

If you are an event florist, you can contact us with your flower requirements a week or so before the date to order magical things to work with. 

If you prefer - perhaps you run a flower shop - you can order at a  reduced rate a set number of weekly delivered buckets to be filled with glorious garden flowers which we will choose for you.

We also encourage florists to come and visit us at the garden to see what real garden flowers look like, to ask us questions about how to use them in floristry work, and to wander about amidst the blooms, sipping tea and trying tasty things from the cake tin.

Florist Event

On Saturday 17th August 2-5 pm we will be hosting a special afternoon event for professional florists. The aim of the session is for florists who might be unfamiliar with or even nervous about using real garden flowers in their work to have the opportunity to see how and where our flowers are grown, to learn about how we grow, pick and condition them for maximum vase life, and to get their hands on some of the flowers and have a go at working with them in our workshop. There will also be hot drinks and homemade cakes in our romantic canvas tent, and the opportunity for the florists to meet one another and perhaps learn from each others' experiences of working with garden flowers. The event is only open to professional florists, who should email us to book a place ( The cost is £20 per person, to include refreshments and flowers.